Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From Russia With Love

Hey, so I'm in the mission home in Novosibirsk right now. It felt like we were traveling for so long before we finally got here. I hardly slept at all on the plane rides, so it was so nice right when we got here, they fed us breakfast and let us sleep. I could have slept all day and night I think. Nothing too exciting happened on our travels, they were just really long.

On the plane to Moscow I sat by a man named Sergei, he is a nuclear physicist from Moscow who was at a conference in California. We talked for a really long time, his English was probably a little better than my Russian, so were able to communicate pretty well. He asked what was different about my church and other churches, so on the plane I gave him a little 10-15 minute long first discussion. We talked about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and stuff and I gave him a restoration pamphlet at the end, it was really cool.

When we arrived at the Novo airport, the departing missionaries walked by us and talked to us for a few minutes. OK so I think we are doing some orientation thing now, and I'll go to my area tomorrow. Not sure when I'll be able to email again next. Love you.
-Elder Topham