Monday, December 26, 2011


Hey! I don't have much to say because we just talked  yesterday. The rest of yesterday was awesome! We went to the mission home and Sister Gibbons made an awesome dinner. President shared a spiritual thought and a couple missionaries did some really good musical numbers then we did the white elephant exchange.  It was really fun. The I came home and did call in reports and read the big paper thing and the book (of photos and thoughts from family members) while listening to Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack... best weekly call in reports ever! It was an awesome Christmas, definitely very unique and one that I will always remember. I loved reading the message that all the family wrote, that and the call were definitely the best part of Christmas.

I attached a couple pictures here of the party at Presidents.

First, I got the light up and Christmas carol singing tie, only to be stolen by Elder Harrison

Then I stole the Justin Beiber doll from Elder Howard (I really wanted that) only to be stolen by Elder Bounous, then by Elder Huffaker (which is extremely funny because he is the 70 year old cowboy).

Then I got a little missionary comic book with a ton of scripture puns, only to again be stolen by Elder Bounous.
Then I ended up with a lame little girls plastic pink locket, so it was a fun party but had a disappointing result.

Me expounding on the holy scriptures wearing shopka

Me pondering the holy scriptures while wearing shopka.

They went and saw The Nutcracker for cultural night.

Picture of me in the opera theatre.

Christmas Eve:

The gift that I took to our White Elephant gift exchange.

Christmas Eve dinner

Various present opening pictures and the aftermath: 

Party at President Gibbons's house