Monday, September 24, 2012

A Cool Experience


I really enjoyed Dad's email. That's what I've been thinking a lot lately. Especially the last couple days.

Mom, thank you as always for your nice emails, those are all very much appreciated. One of the things you mentioned was only pictures on P-days. And that is an issue that I've been trying to deal with, because I was in the ZLC when all of the rules were decided and discussed and when that was discussed there was no consensus on that issue. There's a lot of confusion with rules because so many were added and discussed that it's not very clear sometimes.

Dani, keep it up. Good luck on the forensics tournament. That's like CSI right? Whoever finds the murderer first wins the tournament? Ok fine, just kidding.

Well this week was pretty good.

I think the beginning of the week went pretty well. We taught Ilya on Monday night and Tuesday night. Wednesday I worked with Elder Walker. Thursday evening we were on a train to the Kuz ( he means Novokuznetsk) and we were there all day Friday. That was a good trip. I was with Elders Turley and Bunnell. We had a cool experience on the train, it was a day train so it was just a regular sitting car with three seats to a row. Elder Davis was in the middle with me and a lady at his sides. After a while into the ride, the lady asked him what I was reading and if she could see it. So she took my triple combination and read it for about half an hour. Then we talked for the remaining 2 hours of the train ride. She was actually only changing lines at the Kuz to go to a little town far away from all the cities in our mission, but we gave her a Book of Mormon and all the pamphlets. And got her info. That was just really fun because of how rarely people themselves show interest.

Saturday evening was nice, we taught Ilya, Viktor, and Aleksei. Now Viktor and Ilya both have dates set in October.

Sunday was going to be really good because one of our investigators was going to come, then on Saturday night, while contacting, someone agreed to go with us to church the next morning. So we meet the guy at the bus stop before church and we ride the metro together to church and chat on the way. We get there like 15 minutes early and show him the building and introduce him to a few people then we turn our backs for like a minute and the guy just left, didn't come back, didn't answer our calls. It was the weirdest thing ever. I don't know what he was expecting but I guess there was something there that he didn't like or that spooked him, but I have no idea why someone would actually meet us and come with us and leave before the meeting. Anyway our investigator also didn't show and texted saying he couldn't make it. So it was a pretty disappointing day at church. The bright side came in Priesthood when Aleksei got the Priesthood. We went home teaching with Paval in the evening and other than that just contacted the rest of the night.

Well, I guess that's it, can't think of much more to say. I finished the Old Testament this morning. I think that was a sweet experience and I learned a lot and it was well worth it.

Elder Topham