Monday, December 3, 2012

A Good Time Serving

Hey I got those videos that you sent last week to work. Whose gun is that and what is it? I was not expecting the videos to be of Mom and Dani so that was really cool too.

Dani, keep up the good work. I don't know your calculus friend. That's awesome that you are having so much debate success although I am a little worried when I get back that you will own me if I ever try to argue with you. But I hope my height advantage will still give me the volleyball edge even if I'm rusty.

Oh yeah and Mom, that Reese's desert bar mix was awesome. It was just sitting in my bag and I hadn't whipped it out because we don't have an oven then I glanced at it and it said, "delicious no bake recipe!" So it was really easy to make and really good. You might have to send that for my birthday too.

Well, I feel like the week has gone by pretty quickly. Elder Rubow and I are still having a good time serving together. We had some nice investigator success this week. I'll give the rundown.

A is probably the only pure, no effort, free, member referral investigator I've ever had and it's sweet. A less active member just called us up and told us that he wants to bring a friend to meet with us. And he set up the time and they both showed up at the branch for a lesson. So we were able to teach him twice this week with his friend.

Then we found the most convenient investigator ever. V, who we contacted close to the branch, lives in the building right next to the branch, so he should have no excuse not to come to church and it's really easy to get to his place whenever we need to.

Then S, an English investigator from before, is back on board, but he is going to Novo for a month for work. So I've got him hooked up with Elder Davis down there for the month.

Then the most exciting one is S and Z. They came to the branch when the member who is in charge of maintenance was here and he gave us their info and invited them to church. They showed up. And this member has been really nice to them and helping them out with some of their problems. He's 60 and she's 50 so it's quite the interesting couple. They are extremely nice and accepting. They love to chat and get off topic easily but they said they want us to come over every day and we set baptismal dates with them on our first lesson. So that will be very fun to work with them.

Other than that it's just been the regular struggles, like getting first lessons to work out with seemingly golden contacts, who just don't show or answer their phones or anything. We've been working with a realtor to search for an apartment for a new companionship of elders.

I think the rest of the transfer will go by really fast, probably even the rest of the month. Because next week we go to Novo for exchanges and Zone conference. The week after that is visa trip and the transfer. Then the week after that is Christmas, so there is a lot of stuff to look forward to.

Well love you all, have a good one.

Elder Topham