Monday, March 11, 2013


This week was pretty good. We continued to have some pretty good success with our investigator P. He is still accepting everything well and making good progress on the commandments. The big highlight of this week was the branch party that was on Saturday. It was to celebrate both holidays, the 23 of February for men and the eigth of March for women. They did a talent show and some little games and stuff, it was really well run and well attended. I juggled at the talent show and all of the missionaries did a number together. We sang the classic Russian song Katyusha, mixed with Called to Serve, I think everyone really liked it. I only dropped once on my juggling routine, so I was pretty happy about that. The best thing was that we had a great turnout at the party. P came with his girlfriend and their daughter. A came and brought his mom. One of our new Muslim investigators came, the husband in a part member family that we have been trying to work with, and a few people from English came, we were really happy about the turnout and it was all really well done, so everyone had a good time.

Elder Terry and I had some good exchanges. I guess the only thing special that we did was that I made one of those Reese's desserts, and that for dinner we went out to a little pizza place.

This week we won't really be in Krasno at all. Wednesday there is a zone conference in Novosibirsk so we are leaving tomorrow night for that. Then Elder J and I fly out to Finland the next morning, we fly directly back into Krasno on Saturday morning. Then that next week will be the transfer. The bad news is that Elder J and I have to go separate from the other people on the visa group, the good news is we will be able to spend a little more time in Finland maybe long enough to go to the temple, I hope the stuff we have to do with him at the travel agency will go quick so we can do a session at the temple.

Other than that, not really too much new going on here. That's nice to get the updates about Matt and Dani, sounds like they are doing really well. Have a good week.

Elder Topham
Me by a tank at "Victory Park."