Monday, May 13, 2013

I Will Surely Remember Their Love

Well I've got a sec on the computer, so I figure I'll write a little something for the blog. I'll be talking with you guys in about an hour.
It's been a really good last week. Zone Conference on Wednesday was a really cool experience. At the end they had all of the 16 departing missionaries testify/give some parting advice. I was last in the order and right after Elder Davis, so I was already pretty emotional before I even started to make my comments.
I think it was after that Zone conference that it actually hit me that I was going home. We had a really busy week. There were a bunch of member families, investigators and former investigators who wanted to see us before I left. We had a big turnout at church. V, A, Z, G, and a member's boyfriend who we have been trying to work with showed up. In all there were 14 investigators at church out of a congregation of about 100. Plus K, an inactive member in one of the families that we work with came to church for the first time in several years. Only a couple people there recognized him. I was really happy for him.
We went over with P to his girlfriend's place and she really likes us and feels comfortable with us now, she isn't very interested in what we are saying yet, but she will come around.
We had a really good last lesson with A and with V and both of them are looking like they are on track to be baptized. V, probably soon.
Today I'm just trying to do some last minute preparations before we take off. We have a train this afternoon to Novosibirsk, then Wednesday morning we fly out of there.
I really love Krasnoyarsk. The members here have made it a wonderful experience and my favorite city. They really love and support the missionaries. Their faith is incredible despite all of the trials they face out here. I will surely remember their love and their examples forever and it will always strengthen my testimony.
See you in a few days.
Elder Topham