Monday, October 31, 2011


So this last week has been really crazy with our first trip to Finland and we found out transfers.  So basically the only thing that will not change is that I'm staying in this same area... Other than this, it's crazy.  So first, Elder Drasso is going to Baraul to finish up his mission as ZL there.  And guess who my companion is going to be... A new missionary!  Straight out of the MTC, haha.  Yeah.. that means I'm training next transfer.  That's pretty crazy because my language is still not good at all.  I'm starting to understand better, but I still don't understand a lot.  But I'm really excited, because it means both of us are going to have to learn really fast, or else we are in trouble, so I think it will help.  I just hope my kid will have a lot of energy and be okay with some mistakes/epic failures to start.  We'll see.  I know president Gibbons is really into having younger missionaries train.  It forces both missionaries to learn faster.  Elders Davis and Walker from my MTC group are also going to start training this transfer, so it's pretty crazy.  Elder Davis was trained by a 3rd transfer missionary also, but as far as anyone knows that's the first time that has ever happened in this mission.  So it's pretty scary.  So, if anyone has any advice for me on what I should do to train, or help us survive, much less be successful, I would appreciate that.

Oh yeah, I'll also be district leader for the right bank of Novo next transfer... But I'm not so worried about that.

So Finland was awesome.  It's like a magical fairly land.  It's even cleaner and nicer and the people are friendlier than Americans.  Everyone there speaks English.  And even the biggest punk looking guy would help us out and show us how to get places -  it's amazing.  We got in Monday afternoon and we left Tuesday afternoon.  The temple was closed Monday, so we had some time and we went and toured an awesome medieval fortress island right outside of Helsinki it was really cool, I'll try to send some pics.  Then the next morning we got to do a session and baptisms at the temple before we left.  We ate at a pizza buffet that night and TGI Fridays in the Moscow airport, it was really awesome to have real food.  I really can't describe how fun it was to see everyone and relax for a little bit.  It was awesome.