Monday, November 7, 2011

A Long Way to Go

So this week has been really crazy. My new comp is Elder Hyde. He's from American Fork. He has a very strong desire to work hard and is willing to do anything so that's really good.

It's been tough with just the two of us because of our limited language abilities, but I expect to be getting better fast, I hope so at least. It's hard to describe how far along I am, but I am much better than 3 months ago, but have a long way to go.

We don't have any progressing investigators so that is our main problem. Aleksei finally got out of the hospital, but the night he got home, his house caught on fire in the middle of the night and it destroyed one of the rooms and the entire roof. We went over to visit and offer to help, but he said he didn't need any except a lawyer (the fire was supposedly started by someones fireworks) and he didn't want to even hear our message. and said something like "my thoughts are not going to be turned to God or the Book of Mormon now." It was extremely sad. Elder Drasso and I didn't say a word the whole mashrootka ride home, and even when we got home I just sat there for a few minutes. It killed me, we've had too many miracles with him and our relationship is too good for it to just end like that, so it's tough...

So we need to find new investigators, but it's tough and nobody wants to talk to us really. We get some conversations on the street and even members every once in a while, so hopefully we'll have some first meetings this week but we'll see.

We didn't do anything on Halloween, but apparently they carved pumpkins together on the p-day when I was in Finland.

So here's another fun story. My first night as district leader there was a "crisis." The snig elders who live about an hour away from the center lent their keys for the branch to the sisters and forgot to get them back and at 9:30 they get home and find out their apartment keys are in the center with the sisters. So the solution was pretty simple, they just had to come spend the night with us, who are nearest to them, and they could get to a home before 10:30, it was actually kind of exciting to solve a crisis on the first night on the job. And our first district meeting was really good too. The APs and office couple were there. We do them at the office couple's apartment and they feed us a marvelous meal every time. So it was really easy to get input from people and it just went really well. I just had to ask a few open ended questions.

Elder Topham