Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Not Too Cold


Well this week things have just kind of been plugging along. We are still struggling to find new investigators, so we have been spending a lot of time contacting and just trying to find people, it's been tough, but it's not too cold or anything. It's chilly out there, but it's fine if you just kinda dress up for it. I tried wearing my big coat one day, but it's still too heavy for the weather right now, so I've been fine with a light sweater and just that rain jacket. Really the most important things are the hat gloves and scarf, oh and boots, I think if you have all of those on you feel warm no matter what.

Oh, I got both packages This Week! How funny is that, you send them at different times, but I always get them at the same time. Oh well, it was just doubly as exciting and fun to open them and it really gave me a big boost to my spirits that day. Thanks for the first package! We've been listening to that Christmas CD the last couple days and it's awesome. Then I opened up the Christmas package and wow! There was a ton of toffee and hot chocolate in there. Thank you so much! Everything was intact except for one of the plastic containers of hot chocolate cracked and spilled in the box. But it's okay, because I think most of it was still in the box and able to be salvaged.

I've gotten sick the last couple days. It's not bad, but it's been draining me, so I'm going to go home and sleep for the rest of p-day. Then hopefully I'll get better soon.

There are some pretty exciting things coming up. Zone conference is this week and that will be awesome. Then Thanksgiving will be at the mission home, and I'll be doing exchanges with the elders in my district, so I'm really excited for all of that.

Not much has happened that's exciting this week... sorry. I'm going to retry those pictures from a couple weeks ago. Some will be on the island in Finland, one will be with our kind of investigator, Sergei.Hope those pictures worked. I have a couple more minutes. So I don't know exactly what to write about, you said you like hearing little day to day details. English club is really fun for me. 2nd group (the one I run) has like 20 people in it. Last time we had them split into groups, make up a movie plot and present it to the class. Before that, we acted like it was a rinok and they had to argue prices with us in English. Tell you what, that is much more fun than doing it in Russian. But it's cool. Some stay for the spiritual thought, but not many are really interested in anything, so I don't know. President said he wants us to cut down on our English club time, so everyone is only going to be going once a week now, so oh well. I really like it, we have gotten some first meetings out of it in the past.

Don't worry I'm staying warm.