Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Letter from the MTC

Dear Family,

The first day went really well. It's very overwhelming at first with all the new people and places, but that should settle down in a few days. I'm not sure when I can email so I'm writing this. My companion is Elder Crowell and he is from Hawaii. My district has 10 elders going to Novo and 2 to Samara, no sisters, so I haven't met dad's friend yet. I heard 90 Russian missionaries came in today and that seems right. I'll email you more detailed stuff but I just wanted everyone to know that I love them and that I'm doing fine and enjoying it so far, and I wanted to wish Mom a happy birthday. I've already seen Christian, Connor, and Nick so I felt a little more at home once I saw them. Our two instructors seem very nice. Brother Barnes went to Latvia and Estonia and Sister Doty (I think) went to Kazakhstan and Moscow which is pretty crazy. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love you guys and am doing well.

Elder Topham