Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Only Been a Week

Hey family! First I need to tell you that this email program is crazy.  The second we sign on a big red clock pops up in the corner and counts down the time that we have left from 30 minutes until the program shuts down. So I may not proofread this email if I don't have time, and it would probably be best if you dear elder me everything you want me to read so I don't have to spend my time reading the emails and part of my 30. Just make sure it comes by Tuesday, and if there are a few things you guys forget in the dear elders you can just email those. 
Anyway this has probably been the craziest week of my life, I don't know where to start.  The first few days were just hectic because I had no idea what was going on or where to go or what to expect, but that changed after the first few days.  It's only been a week but I already feel like the elders in my district have been some of my best friends for years.  But that made yesterday even harder because unfortunately my companion had to leave and I got a new companion.  It was very hard saying goodbye to someone I had grown that close with, I really did and still do love him.  So my new companion as of last night is Elder Fausett from Pleasant Grove, Utah.  He is very diligent and hard working, so we should be able to get along very well.
I love the elders in my district.  I am in a room with Elder Harrison from Wyoming and Elder Walker from Atlanta.  Both went to BYU last year, but none of us new each other.  Elder Harrison is one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met and Elder Walker is such a stud, he runs like a 4:20 mile or something like that.  That reminds me to tell you guys about gym time.  It is BY FAR the best part of the day. Fortunately we get gym time 5 days a week for 50 minutes, so every day except for P day and Sunday.  I just have so much more energy after gym time and it gives me such a morale boost just to get out and do something.  The basketball is actually really good.  I have gym with all the Russian Elders and there are some great players. Some played college basketball at some smaller schools, and Elder Collinsworth has been playing with us recently too, and I like to guard him so I can give myself a better workout.  The only bad thing about basketball is that it's a little too crowded so you have to sit out more games than I would want to, and you have to play half court 3 on 3, but whatever, I'm still happy I get to play at all.  When it's nice out sometimes I go play some beach volleyball too, but MTC beach volleyball doesn't give me a workout, so I usually stick with the basketball.
Russell M. Nelson came and spoke at the devotional last night and it was awesome. He was very encouraging and spoke a lot about connecting with the people you teach and working hard.  I've already learned so much in the classes here and I love them.  I can already pray in Russian and bear my testimony as well as very limited, basic conversations.  We basically started singing and praying in Russian on the evening of the second day, so that's pretty crazy.
I was able to go to the temple this morning and that was a really neat experience to see a different temple and feel the spirit.  While at the temple I thought a lot about sacrifice, because I feel like up to this point I have not had to sacrifice to much to the Lord until this week, now I'm making a huge sacrifice to be away from my family for 2 years.  I was in a little slump before the temple, but thinking about my mission as a sacrifice to the Lord made me much happier and more motivated to continue to work hard. 
I'm very glad that Danica got moved to the advanced gym at VB camp, that's definitely where she deserves to be. I'm proud of you Dani, keep working hard and doing the wall drill that I showed you.  I'm sorry to hear that Matt's team lost, but I hope you still had fun in the game! I wrote you a letter this morning because I didn't get to respond to your letter until today, so you should get that in the mail soon, bud.  I'm going to try to get you guys a picture of my district, but I'll probably just have to mail that.
I love you guys, and I really love getting the Dear Elders.  Those really make my day whenever I get them and keep me very happy and motivated.  You guys will always be in my prayers.
Elder Topham

Oh and the only thing that would be nice of you guys to send me would maybe be a couple more pictures of  the family for my album, i have a few empty pages.
Love You!
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