Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Disciple of Christ

Hey everyone how's it going?

This week was really good. Obviously it was awesome to use Skype and talk to the family. We also went to the Nutcracker during the day on Friday. It was cool because they had a little kid show right before the ballet and Grandfather Frost and Snigurichka came out and they did all of their little New Years songs with the kids. The ballet was ok. It wasn't near as good as the one in Novisibirsk last year. This one didn't have a live orchestra and the dancers weren't as good. But it was still a really good experience and a good time.

I love the Christmas presents. The Angry Birds toothbrush is awesome. Everyone is still enjoying the toffee. I gave some to the landlord and he said it was delicious and that I should tell my mom thank you. I am really enjoying the books that you put together for me. (These were little photo albums with pictures of each member of the family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, accompanied by a note from each person explaining what it means to him/her to be a disciple of Christ.) In fact I've been going through the Book of Mormon highlighting all of the references to Christ and quotes of Christ and attributes of Christ. And I've been going through the albums one page a day and using that person's comments as a theme for that day's studies and just for the day in general. Danica's happened to be today.

Things with the investigators are still just kind of moving along. Nothing really big. Some just keep kind of falling away or just slowly progressing. We got into a couple of inactive members homes this week that we hadn't met before. Elder J is very persistent especially with inactive members. He's like an attack dog sometimes so I just let him loose and then pull him back in when I want to say something. He has got a really great desire and work ethic and has been really fun to work with.

We have to stay inside this evening after 6 and also tomorrow evening after 6 in order to avoid all of the craziness and drunk people. Ok, well I think that's all for this week.

Elder Topham