Monday, January 21, 2013

The zone leaders brought some mail this week. So I got your Christmas card, a letter from Matt, and a Christmas card from Aunt January.

This weekend was really cool because President, the Zone Leaders and the Assistants all came to Krasno. They are traveling around the mission doing a training presentation in every city. Then President interviewed all of the missionaries. The training was really epic. It was this amazing thing about goal setting. I can't really describe it all in the email, but it was something that looked more like an official business presentation, President killed it. Then of course in the last part of the training he killed it spiritually, uplifting everyone and everything. The whole district is really pumped, our big goal now is regarding finding new investigators and I'm really excited about it. President also did a similar presentation to the ward council and now they have a goal of increasing the number of active Priesthood holders. The big emphasis on the presentation was about the execution of the goal and what you have to do to make sure it gets accomplished.

The interview with president was also good as always and really inspiring. He gave me Hebrews 11 and 12 as the theme of the rest of my mission. He talked about all of the sports analogies in chapter 12 and it was really personal and inspiring.

I felt like the week went well. We were really busy and it seemed like we achieved a lot. I met with the Branch President and we got more than 100 names off the branch list of people that no longer live there. We had many meetings with in- and less-active members. Two of whom came to church.

The disappointing part is with the investigators. Nothing at all worked out this week. I feel bad for Elder J and hope he is not getting discouraged about that. Because this is one of the busier more successful, happier times of my mission as I feel. It's just because of other things that have been going on, while our investigator pool is dismal. I'm really excited about the district new investigator goal and I think the focused energy on that will help us change that problem.

Ok I think that's all I got. It's getting really cold again. Last week was really warm, but that was short lived.

Have a good week.

Elder Topham