Monday, February 25, 2013

Fairly Successful

Either of those two apartment options would be great. I am going to try to play basketball which would mean going to the Marriott Center often. But we would also do weightlifting at the student athlete building. But on the other hand, I don't know if that would work out, and my back up plan would be to teach at the MTC. So with that being said I really have no preference, it is actually kind of hard for me to picture everything anyway. So choose whatever, especially if you think one or the other is better, but if not, it doesn't matter to me. I just want to thank you for all of the time and effort that you are putting into this, I really appreciate it.

That was really cool to hear about Craig's little bit of fame. I really like him, and I'm glad that he got so experience that.

Good job being goalie Matt, and Dani the Air Alert will start getting really hard at week 6 or so. And it sounds like you made wise choices on your classes.

And Sam it's totally fine that you won't be at the airport, this way when I see you then you can get all the hugs and you won't have to share time with Mom and Dani. Oh yeah, and did I tell you I got your letter with the BYU decals in it? Well I got it not too long ago and now they are on the back of my tags and they look really cool

Everything this week went really well. A is still doing really well, he brought his mom to church again this week. We finished teaching him all the lessons because we are heading to Kemerovo tonight and will be there for a couple days, because that is where our zone leaders live now. Then right when we get back he should have his interview. Then hopefully the baptism next Saturday.

Our Chinese investigator is doing really well. We found out that he lives on left bank, so when I was on exchanges with Elder Jones over there we taught him, and now the left bank elders will take over. We were teaching him the plan of salvation in his dorm room and he was really into it and had some really good questions.We had a little display thing layed out on the table,then two of his Chinese buddies walked in, and he started explaining the whole thing to them in Chinese, one of the spoke Russian well, the other one almost not at all. So he is doing really well, but he didn’t make it to church this week.

Other than that the week was fairly successful in getting some first lessons, some of the people we taught are very humble and hopefully we will be able to help them. I think that's it. I'll send some pictures now.

Elder Topham

A picture of me and Elder J "thrusting in our sickles."

Here are some shackles that people got shipped to Siberia in.

 Me the hammer and sickle at the museum.
And me by a soviet rocket that is right by where we live.

 Some pictures of the baptism