Monday, February 11, 2013

God Saw Our Efforts

Hey thanks for your emails.

This week was pretty good. We still had a lot of the same challenges that we have been having, but there was some really cool stuff that happened too and some really cool new investigators.

Tuesday was a rough day and we had one lesson with a part member family that night, but we couldn't get anyone scheduled during the day. So we just contacted in the cold all day. It actually wasn't too hard to stay out that long, we both dressed really well and every once in a while popped into a store to warm up. But it was really hard to go back out after dinner.

Then on Wednesday we ran into the same situation. We had English in the evening, but we couldn't get anyone for the day, so we set out to do the same thing again. Luckily (or maybe God saw our efforts from the previous day and felt bad for us) the second guy we talked to was really interested and had just left that day to go look for work, not really knowing where he was going. He agreed to go to the church nearby and take a look and we were able to teach him a full lesson in the nice warm church.

Then that same day, we had just arrived to open up the building for English and the first guy came in, I had never seen him before and we started talking, he asked me when the next baptism is, and he said that he had promised Elder Fitzgerald that he would be baptized a year ago but it didn't work out and now he his ready. That's one of those times that you don't really know how to react, quite the pleasant surprise. We went to his home later that week, set a baptismal date with him and taught him. He has the desire, and I'm very grateful that God led him back to us.

We also had a great first lesson with a young guy that goes to English. He accepted everything almost better than anyone that I have taught a first lesson to and is a very bright guy. He is 17 and he came with his mother to church on Sunday and they both stayed for all three hours. His mom is actually a Baptist, which is very rare for Russia, she doesn't seem like she is looking for a different church, but she seemed to like everything that went on. We should be going over to their place to teach both of them later in the week.

I did another baptismal interview this week, for the sister's investigator. She is a sweet old lady, and she will be baptized on Saturday.

So other than that, it has been the regular day to day grind. But we are very grateful and optimistic about our two new investigators, and it's really nice to have a couple that you are really optimistic about to keep you happy and excited.

I appreciate the advice that you gave at the end of your letter dad, and I'll try to do that. It actually hasn't been too hard, usually on Mondays I think about school and basketball and stuff a lot, then by Tuesday morning I forget about it all.

My tooth feels good, it doesn't hurt at all.

The schedule looks good. Thank you for doing that.

I don't know about who I will room with, I'll probably just tell you in March if that's okay. There is zone conference March 13, so I'll make a decision by then. If I know earlier I'll let you know.

Ok I think that's it. Love you all, have a good week.

Elder Topham