Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey how's it going,

That is awesome news about Ms. Lewis and her daughter! I remember one of our trips to a Nevada student council conference and I think it was Chandler (but possibly Trent) had a really long conversation with her and explained a lot to her about the gospel and gave her a Book of Mormon. And from time to time throughout the year little things came up and we would talk about them. That is so awesome, she always seemed to think very well of the church and that is awesome to hear how everything worked out. That makes me really happy, I will love to see her and talk to her when I get back.

This week was really cool because A is doing really well. He is really on board with everything. He came to church again, went to Institute and went to the baptism on Saturday. He is accepting everything really well and it is very exciting. He lives right by us so we usually walk home together after our lessons, one time we ended a lesson at about 8 or so, and we told him that we were going to stay out and go contacting for a while before we went home, so he says, "Oh can I come too." I was like sure, but it's not very fun. But he went and we actually had a really good time together doing that. He is great because he always comes to lessons with really good questions and concerns, and he just listens and soaks everything in really well. It's made us really happy to have one really good investigator who we know won't cancel our lessons or not show up or something, and it has been a great experience for us to teach him. We are shooting for March 9 for baptism.

Other than that we have the regular grind. One investigator has been falling away, he's not really serious about being baptized enough to come to church or try to quit smoking, or even meet with us, when he has something more interesting to do, so that has been disappointing.

The other highlight this week is our new Chinese investigator. A foreign exchange student, he doesn't speak Russian very well, but we communicate all right so hopefully that will keep going on.

We went to a little museum this week with some old Russian peasant stuff. I thought it was really cool, because you could touch everything there. And a member of the branch works there so she treated us nicely and explained everything.

Then Saturday night was awesome. The sisters had a baptism, a babooshka. I did her interview last week and talked to her at church before. And she had me baptize her! It was really unexpected and really cool. It was a great experience and really powerful. And a little bit awkward and funny trying to get her to understand the hand positioning, leg bend and nose hold stuff, but it all was good. I'll attach some pictures of that and the museum.

Oh yeah, nothing here with the meteorite. I just heard about it from some people, that's all.

Have a good week. Love you

Elder Topham

Ok well I cant get the pictures to work here, so I'll send them another time. Sorry